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#7 - Sunday 7 on a Monday now

So a friend posted on FB that she was looking for a home for three chicks. Okay. Her friend is giving them away for free. Okay. I ask about the birds, nothing.

On Mondays I do an egg run in Burbank so I contact the guy and I swing buy the house to collect the chicks.

They are not chicks - they are 4 month old roosters. Three of them. Terrified and looking incredibly ratty. I take them though I don’t need three roosters. Regardless, I can give them a better life here at least for awhile.

I talk to the guy and he admits he knew they were roosters. He’d killed the rest of the birds. All the chicks he’d been given on Craigslist were roosters. He didn’t know how to process the meat so they didn’t age it or brine it and ihis wife overcooked it — it was like shoe leather. The birds are tiny at 4 months so it would be like eating a leather Cornsh Game hen.

He was embarrassed, he needed to get the rooster out of his yard or to eat them, but that had not gone well and the neighbors were complaining about the crowing. Roosters are not allowed in in his city.

I put them in a pen and will hold them there for a couple of weeks before introducing them to the rest of the flock. I feel for them, they are sweet enough boys but shaking with fear. They can chill in the pen for a bit and get their bearings. They were okay with me petting them tonight, I hope they will be friendly tomorrow. I don’t know what breed they are. Pretty enough.

I’m hoping that they will get along together in the pen.

#5 - Sunday 7

I went to see the movie Chef on Saturday. I didn’t know anything about it . I didn’t know who was in it or what to expect. I loved it. It wasn’t realistic, but I loved it anyway.

  • I like that Jon Favreau makes “every man” sexy and lovable
  • The food looked AMAZING and was beautifully lit
  • Sofia Vergara is stunning, man the camera loves her
  • I like the choices they made not to play for the easy answer when they could have — being robbed, not having a permit, car trouble, etc…)

#4 - Sunday 7

I have two Pyrenees mixes - Bella and Maya.

Bella is aloof, she’s all about ‘her job’. If I call her to me, she will come dutifully and let me pet her for a minute but then go back to whatever she was doing.

Maya is her sister a year younger - she is a total love bug. If I’m laying on the couch, she will come join me, put her paws around my neck and lay her face along my neck. Like she’s hugging me. I’ve never had a dog that does this before. I adore this about her.

Abandoned Victorian Style Greenhouse, Villa Maria, in northern Italy near Lake Como. Photo taken in 1985 by Friedhelm Thomas

I’d love to live here - how fabulous is this place? Plus greenhouse. Plus villa. Plus Italy. Plus Lake Como. Plus the hudreds of thousands of euros it would take to get it back to its former glory. But what great bones.



My first video! I put a saucer of dirt in with a bunch of my day old chicks to see what they would do. Here they are…just being chicks. I love that dirt bathing is hard wired - these chicks have never seen a grown hen, it’s just instinct.

Highlight of my weekend…it’s the little things (and these guys are tiny!)

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