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  1. Hooked on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Thank you HuluPlus for bringing this gem my way. Who knew this fabulousness is what was missing from my life? Also, I love how at the beginning of the season the persona and the person are discordant but by the end they meld, as it should be. You’ve got to love any show with “Sashay away” when you get the boot.

  2. Waiting to hear from a client whether I’ll be working my ass off today or not. I’m okay either way.
  3. A co-worker has a birthday today and is throwing herself a 25th birthday party with a princess theme. Her gift “wish list” registry (gifts not required but appreciated by the Queen) includes 25 pages of stuff as disparate as a human sized cat’s tail, a whip, corsets, top hats, a curling iron, classic literature… Is a gift card a sell out? Also, princess theme, hmm what shall I wear, peasant wear?
  4. My Dad is failing, there’s been some rapid decline since the spring. It’s hard to imagine that he will not be here forever. I am ever grateful for the three years we spent having adventures together after my Mom passed. I don’t have a legacy to pass on to future generations, but I will go out ever grateful for the life I’ve had. I hope he feels the same way.
  5. I love my Armenian grocery store. I completely FILLED my fridge for $85 — including wine, chicken, cheese, and 5 baskets of blueberries…yum! Just the blueberries alone at the local market would have run $20. The produce department gave me a box of clippings for the chickens. LOVE them!
  6. I may be looking for a new job, and for the first time in my life, I can live anywhere. There is equally freedom and sadness in that statement.
  7. I boldly bought 1600 pounds of feed, before I remembered that I have to lug it in 50 pound sacks from the car up the stairs to the house. The first bag split open and made a huge mess. Argh! I gave up halfway through.

Hey maybe I could be a Drag Queen for Halloween - or maybe for the party today…


Cremation of a dead body is carried out at a temperature ranging between 1400 and 1800°F. The process takes place in a cremation chamber, also known as a retort, of a crematory. During incineration, the body is exposed to a column of flames produced by a furnace fueled by natural gas, oils, propane, etc. Next, the heat dries the body, burns the skin and hair, contracts and chars the muscles, vaporizes the soft tissues, and calcifies the bones until they crumble. The bodies are burned one at a time. Some crematories have a secondary afterburner to help burn the body completely. Otherwise, the cremation technician may have to crush the partially cremated remains. It is then collected in a tray or pan and allowed to cool. Non-organic materials, such as metal from fillings are removed before the next process because they may damage the equipment used for pulverization. Finally, the dried bone fragments are further ground into a finer sand-like consistency with a cremulator. On average, it takes about 1-3 hours to cremate a human body, thereby reducing it to 3-7 pounds of cremains. 

In case you were interested in knowing what happens when you are cremated. I had no idea so much was involved. The only heman cremains I’ve ever seen had bits of bone, etc in them and I was surprised how much ash there was.



thanks for all of the reblogs!

i’m gonna keep this going because it’s important. 

if you think you don’t need to reblog it because a few of your followers have already reblogged it, you’re wrong.

we don’t all follow exactly the same people. there may be one of your followers that may need to read about PH. maybe they’ve had the symptoms but never knew what it was? you may save a life! you never know. 

2 people ( hellonurse & monkeyfrog ) helped save my life by getting me to the ER. if i had never gone, i wouldn’t be typing this right now. i am forever thankful.

the photo links to the PHAware website. 

help me spread the word, please and thank you!

Signal boost - glad to see atsirhc's post all over my dash

SUNDAY SEVEN with JACK on the Rocks

  1. I wasn’t a Dadddy’s girl, but as adults my Dad and I would drink Manhattans together (or Jack / Maker’s Mark on the rocks) and sit out in the yard looking up and watching space junk fly by. We’d discuss art and life and philosophy. I miss having him as a real presence in my life. Phone calls are just not the way we communicated and with the time change the window for me to reach him is TINY. We had adventures together - panned for gold, looked for Indian artifacts, visited saloons he’d found when he and my Mom adventured together, adventures I never knew about. I am so lucky to have had the time with him that i did, but I sure do miss spending time with him.

  2. This has been a funny week, the more I tried to spread karma around, the more it came back to me in spades. I posted about it on my chicken blog and even that got reblogged which is putting my little blog on the map. Life is funny sometimes.

  3. My boss’ boss and a co-worker ran the Long Beach Marathon this morning and I couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishment. For years I was a half marathon whore. I did 20 or so half marathons and the Honolulu Full.  Our company had a booth at the health and fitness show adjacent to the route. Fingers crossed that they sold out of our products. They’re good stuff, but they need a proper launch for them to take off. We are not good at the launch part of the equation.

  4. I did 2 of 4 illustrations this weekend and am trying to figure out how best to use art with the current design of the packaging. We’ll see where this goes. The brand manager has been doing his own graphics for YEARS so it’s a little bit complicated to be designing for him. He has already explored directions that he likes…so it’s not a clean slate that I’m working from.

  5. I need a road trip. Seriously, I need to take my vacation time, to get in a car and drive. It’s a great way to clear you mind and re-focus on what is important. A month in Italy would also do this and I considered walking the penitent’s route in Spain, but I’d take a US road tip instead…

  6. Two of my chicks died last night, no idea why. I HATE that. They seemed fine at midnight, and were dead by 6 am. They were alone in a cage with a heater, but they had room to move away if they wanted to. It appears they died in their sleep…mites maybe? They were a pair of gorgeous Blue Cocin (maybe Bantam, or slow growing). I’m incubating eggs hoping to get gold laced Cochin or Partridge Cochin hens. The roosters I have are glorious!. And hilarious when they run with their huge feathered feet. :) More a hop, skip and a jump.

  7. This weekend would have been Kev and my 19th anniversary. It’s been a couple of years so I’m fine with both of us moving on but I hate the idea and work involved in dating and building a relationship with someone new. My therapist likes exploring this area, and while I’m pretty open about things, it is a weird area for me. I haven’t dated anyone since the early 90s - the whole online thing freaks me out more than a little bit.

SO there it is, seven things.


I have four illustrations I need to create this weekend…One of Goji growing in Himalayan foothills, one of Green Tea in Japan, one of Vanilla in the Polynesian Jungle and one of Cacao growing in the Amazon rainforest.

The trick is that the style has to be the same and they all are backgrounds for a product so the key ingredient needs to pop and type will need to run over the illustration.

This is not a natural fit for my wheelhouse and I’m going to be relying heavily on combining bits and bobs I find at a stock house.

For me Illustration and logo design both are like doing my taxes, they require that I jump in - or i will procrastinate until the very last second. My client on these is an odd duck and very opinionated so I can’t have him in my head.

Wish me luck.


Condoto Stubfoot Toad - Atelopus spurrelli

This beautiful patterned amphibian is a toad scientifically named Atelopus spurrelli (Bufonidae), a Vulnerable species endemic to the Colombian pacific lowlands in Valle de Cauca, Risaralda and Choco Departments.

This toad is normally having a green or yellow color with black spots on a black base on the back. It seems like the color can vary within the same population between green and more yellow. Ventrally is normally yellow with black spots. The palms and soles are orange.

This is another of several amphibian species whose populations are being affected by Chytridiomycosis.

References: [1] - [2] - [3]

Photo credit: ©Juan Carlos Gutiérrez Mejía | Locality: Bahía Solano, Choco, Colombia (2013)

Loving the patterning on this Stubfoot!


Before I kept chickens I always thought of them as rather drab birds that ran around farm yards, and I rarely considered roosters at all. I was so short-sighted! This is a Brown Leghorn Rooster  showing his back from shoulder (top) to tail (bottom) - gorgeous.

Plain old black and orange chicken, but in the right light, gorgeous! Gotta love iridescence. Thank you Mother Nature!
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Before I kept chickens I always thought of them as rather drab birds that ran around farm yards, and I rarely considered roosters at all. I was so short-sighted! This is a Brown Leghorn Rooster  showing his back from shoulder (top) to tail (bottom) - gorgeous.

Plain old black and orange chicken, but in the right light, gorgeous! Gotta love iridescence. Thank you Mother Nature!

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