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The Huichol or Wixáritari are indigenous people of Mexico. They spend significant time working in tobacco fields, which has been ruinous to their health. They live in the mountains above Mazatlán (Sierra de Nayarit) and other coastal tourist meccas, and are able to sell their crafts as another means of income.

In the past thirty years, about four thousand Huichols have migrated to cities. These urbanized Huichols have drawn attention to their rich culture through their art. To preserve their ancient beliefs they have begun making detailed and elaborate yarn paintings, a development and modernization of the nieli’ka — a small square or round tablet with a hole in the center covered on one or both sides with a mixture of beeswax and pine resin into which threads of yarn are pressed.

The beaded art on the mask pictured is a relatively new innovation and is constructed using glass, plastic or metal beads pressed onto a wooden form covered in beeswax. Common bead art forms include masks, bowls and figurines. Like all Huichol art, the bead work depicts the prominent patterns and symbols featured in their religion. Urbanization has allowed these artists access to a wider variety of materials, which has in turn allowed them to elaborate their pieces. source/edited

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Volleyball in Naco ————————                          Reuters/Jeff Topping

Residents of Naco, Arizona join residents of Naco, Mexico for a volleyball match during the fourth “Fiesta Bi-Nacional” at the fence that separates the U.S. (left) and Mexico (right), on April 14, 2007.

I love this — also Thank God you can get Tecate on both sides of the border…as the same God intended. I wish that the border was always this light-hearted.

Pretty much an omelet cooked in an open pan, then topped with cheese and browned on top in a broiler. Super easy to make and tasty. This one is fresh herbs, onion, zucchini, mushroom, tomato and Parmesan cheese…oh and a dozen eggs that the hens laid this afternoon. It didn’t photograph very well on my phone, but it’s really tasty.
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Pretty much an omelet cooked in an open pan, then topped with cheese and browned on top in a broiler. Super easy to make and tasty. This one is fresh herbs, onion, zucchini, mushroom, tomato and Parmesan cheese…oh and a dozen eggs that the hens laid this afternoon. It didn’t photograph very well on my phone, but it’s really tasty.

Five for Friday

  1. Since 9/11 I’ve become one of those people who tears up every time the National Anthem is played. No apologies, I’ve been all over the world and even with the annoying political/racial/sexual shit storm we have going on in the US, and the middle class that is disappearing faster than a polar bears favorite ice floe, I love this country.
  2. I looked at an Italian Maremma puppy yesterday. The egg buyers at the now burned Back Door bakery recommended me to the folks placing him since I lost Old Man Dog recently. I already have the two Pyrs that are similar, but this boy is going to be BIG—at 4 months he’s close to 70 pounds. He’s gorgeous, but do I really need 3 big white shedding dogs? Or a gazillion chickens? Maybe time for a global rethink. Did I mention that he’s gorgeous! Oh and he has a sister that also needs a home…
  3. I’m sorting/cleaning this weekend so that next week my potential boarder will have a better idea what the place would look like when he comes to live here. Man I got lazy living solo. Busy and lazy, both.
  4. Just made a fritatta - I dropped a handful of eggs onto eggs I already had on display in bowl. I cracked enough eggs to warrant cooking them. This one is eggs, zucchini, onion, herbs, mushroom, tomato and parmesan cheese. Tasty. Also reminds me of my Mom.
  5. Neighbor invited me over for margaritas and fireworks at 8pm. Wasn’t going to go but what the hell?  Should be fun. Nice that I don’t have far to go for a change.

St. George’s Cathedral in Modica, Sicily - Italy
©Giuseppe Maria Galasso - trek earth

Despite being ravaged by earthquakes in 1613 and 1693 and floods in 1833 and 1902, Modica has maintained some of the most beautiful architecture in Sicily, in the Sicilian Baroque style. The city possesses a large Baroque Cathedral dedicated to San Giorgio. While the cathedral was rebuilt following the earthquake of 1693, like many other parts of the city its roots are in the Middle Ages. source


I have been here and it is indeed gorgeous! The facade is of white tufa, a limestone material that darkens to a golden color with time. We saw a lot of this this baroque style with tufa in Lecca, Noto, Syracusa, and Marsala I think…

(Source: tokyo-bleep)

July 4th 2012 - from worst to best in 30 miles

Two years ago I was not in the mood to celebrate on the 4th of July. After attending a BBQ, I opted out the fireworks and headed home early. On my way home I stopped for gas, and ended up randomly offering a guy on a bicycle that I met at the gas station a ride to downtown Los Angeles.

Despite being an incredibly stupid and dangerous move, the conversation was great. The guy, a filmmaker, had just returned from Mulegé in Baja Sur where I’d spent time and he’d filmed whale sharks, so we had a lot to talk about.

The last couple of miles along an elevated freeway section we were driving inside a spectacular display of illegal fireworks. The street level more closely resembled Bladerunner—super loud, navigating through blocked off streets, clots of families/friends running out and lighting fuses. When I dropped him off he handed me his card and offered money for gas.

As I drove off and glanced at the card, his company name: Red, White & Blue Productions.


When Charlotte Brontë was thirteen and her brother, Branwell, was twelve, they designed and wrote a series of tiny books: “Measuring less than one inch by two inches, the books were made from scraps of paper and constructed by hand. Despite their diminutive size, the books contained big adventures, written in ink in careful script.”

For more of this morning’s roundup, click here.

How cool is this?!

My sisters and I wrote dozens of tiny books - mostly illustrated. Then we hid them around the house(?) I’m guessing the Brontë sisters books were probably better plot lines than the Bean family we wrote about.


Photo by Michael Goldfarb/MSF

A stretcher looted from the  Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) hospital in Leer, South Sudan, lies on the edge of the town’s former airstrip, marked by fresh tank tracks. ”The conflict has at times seen horrific levels of violence, including against healthcare facilities,” said Raphael Gorgeu, MSF head of mission. “Patients have been shot in their beds and lifesaving medical facilities have been burned and effectively destroyed. These attacks have far-reaching consequences for hundreds of thousands of people who are cut off from medical services.” MSF’s hospital in Leer was destroyed along with most of the town in late January and early February. In May, MSF resumed some activities as people started to return to Leer. Staff members treated more than 1,600 children for malnutrition in the first three weeks alone. However, MSF is unable to provide anything like its previous services, including routine vaccinations and emergency surgery.

This is so tragic.

Dear Mom and Dad

How are you? I am fine. Camp is so lame. We made the same lanyards out of plastic string that we made last year. Tomorrow is loom potholders, again. I did find an arrowhead, I think. Chris says it’s just a rock.

The nurse is pregnant so they told us not to bug her unless we think we are going to die, so immediately Emily went to her for a broken nail she got untying the rope to get the girls underwear off the flagpole. Loralei has been crying all morning. Her underwear is the biggest - so everyone knew it was hers. Hahaha. No one else will claim theirs cuz they don’t want people to know and make fun of them.

I think Debbie in my bunk got her period, cuz she’s really mean. Linda says no she’s just the B—- word. Sheesh!

We snuck into the boys cabins last night and drew Fu-Man-Chu must-staches(sp?) in permanent marker on all the guys while they were sleeping. Rachel started drawing eyebrows too and we were laughing so hard trying not to laugh that I was sure they would wake up and bust us. But nope we made it back to our cabin. Then made so much noise we got in trouble and have to do KP for the next week.

There’s a dance tomorrow, ick.

The cook has let me take the slop bucket out after dinner to feed the feral pigs. Some have huge tusks. Someone forgot to put up the board, so the pigs came into our bunk looking for candy. All of mine was already gone. HAHA. They ate Carrie’s cookies from her gramma and pooped by Rachel’s bunk. So stinky! One has piglets and they are sooooo cute. The counselor said I could bring one home if it was okay with you? Can I please, please, please, please infinity, with a cherry on top. I promise i will take care of it and clean up after it and you will never even need to know its even at the house. Please say yes.

Hi To Grandma and Nonno.Love

P.S. Also, can you send some underwear. No seriously, white with no pattern is best. Don’t tell anyone. Oh, and candy…but not licorice.

P.S.S Half the kids can’t swim, how lame is that?

P.S.S.S - let me know about the piggie. Really cute I took pictures.

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