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Absolutely fabulous use of losing lottery tickets and romance novel covers. kudos to :)


Friend of Unconsumption Yellow Owl Workshop (previous mention here) hipped us to this artwork made from thousands of discarded lottery tickets.

To make the large-scale collages, the New York-based artist collaborative known as Ghost of a Dream, a.k.a. Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom, uses scratch-off tickets found on sidewalks and corner shops, among other places, and romance novel covers collected from thrift stores and sellers on Craigslist. 

From Davidson Contemporary:

The artist collaborative Ghost of a Dream works with sculpture and installation to embody the essence of opulence, through construction of materials that typically end up in the trash. They mine popular culture for detritus that people use to attain their goals. Whether it is a romance novel someone reads to transport them into a dream reality, a religious tract promising the glory of eternal life, or a lottery ticket that gives the possibility of a future full of decadence, Ghost of a Dream uses these remnants to re- create peoples hopes and aspirations.

Pictured: Detail of Dream Home (2009); the installation’s materials include $70,000 worth of lottery tickets. Photo via Ghost of a Dream.

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    Absolutely fabulous use of losing lottery tickets and romance novel covers. kudos to :)
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    Friend of Unconsumption Yellow Owl Workshop (previous mention here) hipped us to this artwork made from thousands of...
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