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My heart skipped a beat — I know this hill well.

This is a view looking down Filbert Street in North Beach section of San Francisco (Coit Tower is behind the photographer in this shot).

The church is St. Peter and Paul — beautiful interior that smells like Myrrh. My family attended weddings or funerals here nearly every weekend when I was growing up. The receptions were ALWAYS held at the Italian Athletic Club which is off to the left…above the trees that are Washington Square Park.

On the north side of the street (across from Mama’s) on the corner, is  the Liguria Bakery a little shop that sells the best fresh focaccia ANYWHERE — but go early they sell out by noon.

Two doors up, at 1708 Stockton, was my grandparent’s apartment - the place my Mom grew up. She learned to ride her bike on this hill and her name is carved on a telephone pole here.

If you looked just off to the right before my grandfather died in 2003 you could probably see the tomatoes and pot plants he grew on the roof :)


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