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I’ve posted this Mad Men era photo of my Dad at his ad agency in San Francisco before. For me, it’s iconic as to who my Dad was when I was a kid. For many years I didn’t really know him outside of this box. Since my Mom died in 2010 I’ve gotten to know my Dad in a different way.

I’m up visiting this weekend. It took hell and high water for me to get here, but I did finally arrive.

Yesterday we visited his girlfriend, and then came home and had a glass of wine together in front of the television. He likes sexy and bloody historical dramas - the Borgias, Gladiator, Sparticus — he was watching one of them, while I was flirting online. So, I wasn’t paying much attention to what was on TV. When I looked up it was some soft core porn called “Pirates”, it might have been awkward except that it was just really, really, bad - laughably so. Especially after the graphic sex in the HBO shows. I had to laugh.


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