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TOO YOUNG TO WED - ©Stephanie Sinclair/VII ©2012
In Yemen, two years after the wedding: L to R: Tehani age 8 with her husband Majed age 27, and Ghada age 8 with her husband Saltan age 33.

Every three seconds another girl becomes a child bride
One in 9 girls globally
25,000 marriages a day
1 in 3 the girls in developing countries become child brides and bear children before reaching adulthood.

Child marriage violates girls’ right to education. Young brides are almost always forced to leave school when, or before they get married. A lack of education can lead to intergenerational cycles of poverty. Conversely, if girls stay in school they are more likely to gain the knowledge and skills to help lift them and their families out of poverty: with every extra year of primary school, the wages a girl will earn are boosted by 10-20%.

Girls who finish secondary school are 6 times less likely to become child brides.

Child marriage can also have lasting or fatal health consequences, as child brides often fall pregnant before their young bodies are ready to cope with child birth. According to the WHO, a girl under 15 is 5 times more likely to die in childbirth than a woman in her 20s. 90% of births under the age of 19 globally occur within a marriage.

Pregnancy and childbirth — the number ONE killer globally of girls aged 15-19.

Social isolation often exposes these young girls to the potential for abuse, including sexual violence. Child brides are twice as likely to be beaten, are often treated as property at the whims of their husbands and have no voice, no advocacy and no power.

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Help give them a voice. More and here

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