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Jon, Jon the Priest

Jon and my friendship is the most enduring of my life. Over 50 years now, since before pre-school. I have to say, though the choice was not mine initially, though our paths have diverged widely, and though he declared me a bitch and a shrew on more than one occasion (as we dragged his rosewood retablo of Jesus through the rainforest in Brazil), when all is said and done. I couldn’t have chosen better.

At one point I was a fundamental Christian and he as raised Buddhist, but as time went on, I moved awat from my fundamental roots and he was called to be a priest. Who would have thunk it?

My friends have always given me a hard time for calling him — “Jon, Jon the priest” but hey, there are a lot of John’s out there. I want to make sure thy know which one I am referring to.

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