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See, Nature does have a sense of humor


Lophura nycthemera
©Tamara Kenneally

The Silver Pheasant is a species of pheasant found in forests, mainly in mountains, of mainland Southeast Asia, and eastern and southern China, with introduced populations in Hawaii and various locations in the US mainland. The male is black and white, while the female is mainly brown. Both sexes have a bare red face and red legs.

This is a relatively large pheasant, with males of the largest subspecies having a total length of 120 to 125 centimetres (47 to 49 in), including a tail of up to 75 centimetres (30 in), while the males of the smallest subspecies barely reach 70 centimetres (28 in) in total length, including a tail of about 30 centimetres (12 in). Females of all subspecies are significanlty smaller than their respective males, with the largest only reaching about 70 centimetres (28 in) in total length.


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Nothing says I good good luck and happiness like a TATTOOED FISH, well unless you’re the fish

Pet shops in a city in south-west China are offering fish tattooed with patterns and lucky characters intended to bring their owners good fortune and happiness.

The Qingshiqiao pet market in Chengdu sells a variety of ornamental “fortune fish” decorated with flowers, rainbows and characters, the Huaxi Metropolis Daily reported.

Tropical parrot fish are usually used for tattooing, often with the Chinese characters meaning “May your business boom,” the regional newspaper said on its website.

A dealer said lasers were used to tattoo the fish.

An ordinary parrot fish sells for just 10 yuan ($1.80) while a tattooed one goes for at least 25 yuan.

A set of four fish tattooed with the characters for Good Fortune, Luck, Long Life and Happiness can cost 120 yuan, the paper said.

Tattooed fish first appeared on the market in 2005 but only became popular in the past year or two.

While some shoppers interviewed by the paper said the idea of tattooed fish was novel, others thought it was cruel.

Fisheries expert Zhang Zhicheng says no-one had studied how the tattoos would affect the fish.

"To use a laser to tattoo will surely affect the fish. It’s like tattooing a human being’s body, it breaks the physiological balance of the fish and damages the skin’s protective surface," Mr Zhang said.

Pets have become more popular in China in recent years with the country’s increasing prosperity.

Fishing Boats, Hebei, China, 2003
Photograph © Michael Yamashita
Fishermen prepare their nets on Panjakou Reservoir in Hebei, China. This tranquil lake, formed when the Luan River was dammed in the late 1970s, hides a stretch of China’s Great Wall. The submerged structure now serves as an artificial reef, which attracts the carp these fishermen seek.

©2008 HereisChina Corporation

Mt. Emei is one of the four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. The Emei Mountain is the Buddhist site of Puxian Bodhisattva. It is said that the Buddhism was introduced to Emei Mountain in the first centry A.D.. After nearly 2000 years development, abundant Buddhist culture heritage were left in the Emei Mountain, and many dignitary were trained, thus the Emei Mountain gradually has become the Buddhist Holy Land which a great effect on China and the world as well

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