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Mexico town’s mutant pointy boots create a craze

In this picture taken Saturday, May 7, 2011, members of the “Parranderos” dance crew wait for the dance competition to begin at the Mesquit Rodeo nightclub in Matehuala, Mexico. The dance crews were the first to embrace the flashy pointy boot-craze that has swept through the Mexican town of Matehuala, spread to nearby cities and even taken by migrants across the border into the United States. (Dario Lopez-Mills / AP)
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Weedrobes Camellia Countessa

A wearable garment made from camellia flowers, lilac, yucca, laurel leaves, willow branches, and thorns.

Made with fruits, weeds, flowers, and leaves, ‘Weedrobes’ is the delightful series of meticulously detailed, perishable gowns, coats, and suits by Canadian environmental artist Nicole Dextras. Striking a careful balance between style and commentary, the message behind Weedrobes is aimed squarely at the not-always-so-sustainable practices of the fashion industry, while also redefining the perceived immortality of haute couture.

Dextras’ garments begin life as plants harvested from a variety of places, ranging from areas affected by invasive species to specimens from Dextras’ own garden.

After constructing her pieces, Dextras photographs each Weedrobe with a model, and they are sent out to “engage the public” by interacting with passerby. Afterwards, each garment is left to be ‘reclaimed’ and to decompose naturally.

Photo by Nicole Dextras.

Shaking the Heavens
Bracelet and necklaces by Cartier. Pink & black bag and pearl jewelry by Dior.
Embroidery bag and jeweled black bag by Gucci.

Concept & Creative Direction : Jeffrey Wang @ Blanq
Photography : Liang Su
Styling : Jeffrey Wang & Dommic Wang
Makeup : Yu Szu-Chi
Hair : Grace, Betty, Peter, Ben & David All @ Eros
Model : Jeanine & Eve
Post Production / Retouching : Roy @ October Image
Graphics : Wawa Ho @ Blanq
Chinese Text : Ching Ching Tseng @ Blanq
English Text : Philip Huang & Eric Yang

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