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Tapping into gravity fed systems - Porto Flavia was considered an engineering feat when it became operative in 1924 as it slashed ore production costs by up to 70 percent, allowing Veille Montaigne to gain a strong market share in a short time. The construction of Porto Flavia paid for itself in under two years, and was considered a technical marvel.

Porto Flavia is a UNESCO-protected site, and is one of the suggested destinations for tours of minerary and industrial archeology sites in the region. Daily tours are held in the tunnel, guided by former workers or mining technicians of IGEA

(Source: tay-orchard)

FYI on a Monday

Too many meetings in a row makes Laura a dull girl. All Morning long and into the afternoon is too much. I lost concentration after awhile. There’s always one person driving the meetings to run longer…today I want to throttle her.

I didn’t even boot my computer today until after 2pm. Sheesh!

I just took a break though for a Panino with Speck and Marscapone along with a side salad at the local Italian deli. The proprietor is from Lucca (well Tassignano, in the municipality of Lucca) — which is where my Great Grandmother grew up. Typical Italian, he knows folks from her family. I need an Italian vacation soon. 

Just the break I needed.

Plus Italians.

Lemoncello on Labor Day!

I discovered a bottle of Lemoncello this morning hidden in one of the kitchen cabinets. Kev and I bought it one summer while staying at a B&B in Ravello, on Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

This trip was around 2003(?) and I was never allowed to open it when we returned, which was crazy as he didn’t drink. I’m not sure what we were saving it for but I’ve decided that we saved it all these years to be cracked open on Labor Day 2012. I’m home working and this weekend (prior to the BIG vacation) Kevin is off backpacking the Sierras with his new friends. The best part is that I’m certain that he didn’t leave it, so much as he forgot to take it, when he moved out.

So, yep, 10 year old Lemoncello still sealed in a lovely bottle is still a find as it turns out. Actually, it looks perfect and tastes like lemony summer in a bottle. I’m drinking it on the rocks with a touch of cream added and harkening back to lovely carefree days we spent tooling around the hair-raising road that ribbons along on the Amalfi Coast. That summer we spent 6 weeks wandering around Italy and Sicily. Good Times.

Anyway, Delish! Hidden booze discovered. Making the finder supremely happy for centuries now…

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