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Listy List - the animal version

  • I had a close encounter with a bear in the Thai rainforest

  • I have seen the pink dolphins of the Amazon, and swam in the Rio Negro (no visibility) after fishing successfully for piranhas…I made sure I was last in and first out…like that would help
  • Everyone applauded when I exited the water after a dive in Oman, I thought it was a cultural thing - nope, they were impressed by how calm I was while being followed by a huge reef shark. I never saw it

  • I’ve ridden an elephant (for three hours) and a camel (for an hour) - I can’t really recommend either for comfort — the elephant farted the whole time and blew snot on us, so the camel was a marginally better experience — for me at least

  • One Labor Day weekend a boatload of us saw a blue whale, a gray whale, a pod of pilot whales, sailed through a shark feeding frenzy, saw the ocean boiling, as far as the eye could see, with an ENORMOUS number of dolphins and docked in a bay chock full of mating bat rays — all within a few hours sail of Los Angeles

  • I have been lucky to spend a few weeks at the clay licks in Peru with the wild macaws, and a few weeks in Thailand working with a scientist researching hornbills

  • I have seen flamingos in the wild in Italy, Peru, Kenya and Mexico - Ironically, I have never seen them in the U.S.

  • My 4-H Wildlife leader had a pair of magnificent Great Horned owls living in her kitchen. Also, chinchillas, Abyssinian cats, 200 breeds of rabbits, a badger, a coyote, a raccoon, a goose, Angora goats. Though I transferred my enormous crush to both of her distant and snotty sons, I really wanted to grow up and BE her (she worked in wildlife rehab)

  • I spent a morning on an Australia farm enchanted by the antics of a flock of Galahs (rose-breasted cockatoos), on the way back, spotted an Echidna (spiny anteater) and stalked it as long as it let me

Day in a Nutshell

  1. Got up with a fully blown allergy attack in progress
  2. Can’t open the slider latch at Tom’s cabin
  3. Get head-butted by his retriever in the process
  4. Open the front door instead (5:45AM) and set off the alarm
  5. Erronously feed Tom’s breakfast to the puppy
  6. Load the car for home
  7. Dog throws up in the car
  8. Stop car, remove vomit, get gas
  9. Dog craps in the car
  10. Stop car, shake out blanket to remove poo
  11. Realize poo has now settled liberally on both of my sandaled feet
  12. Jump around like I’m on fire
  13. Drive to closest gas station
  14. Wash feet until skin is bright pink
  15. Still smell poo [may be psychosomatic]
  16. Drive 150 miles with the window / moonroof open
  17. Arrive home to discover house dog has killed a hen
  18. Spend an hour cleaning the carpet of dead chicken
  19. Look in mirror and realize hair is a rat’s nest and I have a bruise in the middle of my forehead from the head-butt
  20. Get email that part of my BIL’s faily home burned in a fire this afternoon
  21. Open a new bottle of wine
  22. Pour 2nd and 3rd glasses, as reinforcement

Checking in with a bulleted list

  • I finally emailed the company that I want to work for. I’m not applying for a specific job with them, but I made an offer and explained why I’d be a good fit. Now I wait. Send good thoughts, please. please. please. I really want to move out from behind a computer and in a new direction. This company would allow me do that.

  • The IRS sent me a certified letter earlier this week, which lead me to discover that I haven’t filed my 2011 taxes yet, let alone 2012. I thought the accountant and I had finished them last fall, but when Dad got sick and I was gone for a few months, apparently it all went out the window. I’m working to get this figured out. I was on hold with them for 45 minutes on Friday. Ugh. Never fall behind financially, cause this barely scraping by while massive debt loom ever larger behind you - sucks the Grand Canyon.

  • I bought diatomaceous earth “flour” to powder the birds - it is a natural product, a desiccant made of microscopic sea creatures which kills insects. It’s a messy process to use and now the birds are pissed and we all look like a powdered donuts.

  • Tomorrow I’m going to a stage production at UCI with my friend, Janet. Her granddaughter will apparently be having an orgasm on stage during the play. Now that won’t be awkward at all for Grandma, lol. Janet asked me today if I thought that the girl had to be taught to act out an orgasm or was working from experience? Ahem, she’s 20 years old, I sure as hell hope it’s from experience, and that she’s a pro by now. :)

  • I went back to bootcamp this morning and man did I feel out of shape. I was berating myself for it when I got a call from a friend I saw up north. She just wanted to let me know how great I look having lost all that weight. Serendipity.

  • I saw wishy washy guy when I was up north. I don’t know if I’m physically attracted to him, and it’s likely not even an issue as I doubt he’s attracted to me. I do love his kindness though. He was driving a newly separated friend to Texas the first weekend I was in town as he didn’t want her traveling alone…which is nice. But get this, part of his regular Saturday routine is to stop by the farmer’s market where he purchases a basket of strawberries for the elderly barkeep at the local watering hole. I filled in for him while he was out of town, and boy did she light up like a firecracker when I handed her the bag. :)

Six for a Saturday Afternoon

  1. I missed the Friday Tumblr outtage entirely as I drove round trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco which killed an impressive amount of time  (350+ miles each direction). Now, I may have to drive back again…such is my life these days. Family. Oy! As an aside I can’t recall the last time my sister and I had a civil conversation. Every call recently has devolved into a screaming match and ends with her hanging up on me.

  2. I’m shuffling chicken pens…this may or may not be a big mistake, more on that in the next day or two. I’ve done this with hens several times, but never with roosters…If I end up going back north immediately, this could spell disaster.

  3. In the 6 weeks I’ve been away, rodents have discovered the house to be a huge playground with a dog and two l-a-z-y cats to scurry around. From the *gifts* they’ve left behind, I can tell they have been EVERYWHERE. Now that I’m here again, the big ole party is at an end and they are being forced to choose - the can move on to greener pastures, or head on over to rat heaven. HEPA mask to wear while disinfecting the house is the order of the day. Gross.

  4. I still have no hot water, but I now have a new hot water heater in a box out in the yard, so I’m *this* close to having hot water again. Yeah. Rethinking my insurance carrier as my deductible is $1000. $1000? I can’t think of a single thing in my house that would cost $1000 to replace, or that my insurance *would* replace. I trust that they have considered this as well. On the upside, having no hot water has gotten me back to the gym - at least to take a shower :)

  5. "Dude", my neighbor thought it was cool that one of the hens got broody and started sitting in eggs. As a result, I have 8 new chicks. 3 yellow, 5 black. Figuring out what species they are is tougher than it seems. Two could be Buff Brahma crosses which would make me very happy. Brahmas are the BEST birds…

  6. Driving up and down Interstate 5, the most boring drive ever, I’ve had lots of time to think about my friend Evan, who died back in August. When we were in high school his key club installed signs along the freeway identifying the crop being grown. There’s still a stretch where the signs are still hanging. It’s bittersweet seeing them. He buried in CA. I may make a trip to say goodbye.

Sunday by the numers

  1. No hot water this morning, again. The plumber took the part numbers in case we needed to order new parts. And we do. Of course, he’s likely out until Tuesday. Then they have to be ordered…. This is looking stinky.

  2. Called my Dad to see how the meeting went with the house sitter. Dad was confused and thought he was getting a ride to the airport, so he was all packed and ready to go, just a couple of weeks too early. :)

  3. Went to high school with the house sitter. I don’t know him well, but instead of charging my Dad, he decided to have me take him out for drinks instead… Now how did that happen? :) Need to find something cool for him on our travels.

  4. On Wednesday, I have a CT scan scheduled for my belly lump. Fingers crossed that it’s not “something”

  5. In an hour my main client is meeting with his new client to present our work. If all goes well it will be a rush to turn and burn this project, so it can go live before I leave. This could be a big client for us.

  6. Broody hen is still broody. If I can’t break her of this, I may well give her a few eggs to sit on while I’m gone. Hey, why not? Can’t expect the house sitter to go out every 20 minutes to boot hen off the nest.

  7. Got a coughing thing going on…major suckage…can’t seem to kick it, but I’m investing heavily in Ricola…there’s no calories in those, right?

  8. In light of this week’s worries, when @graceinsmallthings posted that her dog had “died and gone to dog heaven” I took it literally. I realized last night that her dog hadn’t died. She was euphoric getting the attention from a visiting child. Oops! Well, it was a good laugh.

  9. Europe, soon! :)  With my Dad 0_o  plus 4 retired widows…. Oy!

  10. Where the hell is Labor Day Weekend going so quickly?! Argh. I want a do over.
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