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My favorite creepiest sea anemone EVER - works like a venue fly trap (hence the name) - BTW, in case its confusing - its big “foot” is attached to the thin stick…(also check out the Electric Flaming Scallop)


Actinoscyphia aurelia
©NOAA Photo Library

The Venus flytrap sea anemone is a large sea anemone resembling a Venus Flytrap. Like it’s plant namesake, it is believed to close its tentacles to capture prey or to protect itself. It is found in and around the Gulf of Mexico.

Flytrap anemones grow up to 30 cm (one foot) across attaching themselves to exposed rock outcrops on seamounts and deep sea ridges, where currents are relatively strong. Some scientists have suggested that flytrap anemones eat bits of debris carried on the ocean currents, their body shape suggests that they feed on small animals, such as shrimp, that happen to swim by. Flytrap anemones were recently discovered to release bioluminescent slime when disturbed.


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