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Craigslist Folks are Weird…

The guy who picked up a bunch of baby chicks tonight had the WORST sense of direction. I’m Rand McNally by comparison. First, I gave him really simple directions, 5S to 210E, 1st exit, make a right, park your car. ‘

He got lost.

Then he drove around in the rain for an hour. Finally he chose a dark parking lot off a super busy street where he wasn’t visible. He gave me an address but I couldn’t see it in the dark, especially in the rain, in traffic. There were 7 Taco trucks visible in a two block radius by where he stopped, he describes the only one NOT illuminated. (It was a churro truck?)

It turned out he was directly across the street from MY local feed store, but didn’t mention that. He kept giving me obscure references. Well, there’s a liquor store down the street, but it’s closed. Dude, it’s 7pm in the dark, in the rain, give me something I can see!

When he was heading home I had to drive him in front of him to lead him to the freeway entrance, and then while I’m gesturing wildly for him to turn, he ignores the big green signs and continues to follow me, so I have to make a U-turn and try again. On the 3rd pass he finally calls to ask if he needed to turn onto the freeway. Oy!

Hope he’s a better chicken Dad than a driver. lol

Friday Morning, early

I’m sitting here in the dark at 4:30am listening to a rooster crow, and an unhatched chick in the incubator cheeping.

It’s Friday.

I have a meeting with HR at 8AM to sign up for benefits. I qualified Jan 1, but the HR woman is retiring today after 14 years and I need a bit of hand holding — having provided my own benefits for more than 20 years. She finally agreed that I should meet with someone else.

It was supposed to rain today but, nope. We got some heavy mist last night. I used my windshield wipers for the first time in ages and could kiss the mechanic that changed out the wiper blades for me. They work perfectly and silently for the first time, ever. I’ve spent the better part of 10 years having to look over/under the unclear space in the middle.

Gotta get out and feed/water the critters.

It’s Friday. Make it work. Don’t phone it in.

It’s raining…

Not a lot, but real actual rain. We haven’t had rain in ages. Most of the chickens have never seen rain. With the rain is a cool breeze. It’s been in the high 90s for weeks now, so this is a lovely, unexpected change.

In 15 minutes I leave for the CT scan.

I’m nervous. Not about the CT scan itself, about the possibilities.

About not knowing, and maybe not wanting to know.

But until I leave, I’m enjoying the sound of the rain, and the muffled percussion of firing range over the hill, which is loud today.

The rain though, is lovely.

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