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Truthful Tuesday alá Tres

Okay. Last Thursday I had a Craiglist exchange. Baby chicks for Organic wheat. I told the dude I had 40 chicks, he said how does 365 pounds of wheat sound? I said great. Deal. Deal. The night before I confirmed. 40 chicks, 365 bags of grain. Time. Location. Everything.

We met up in my office parking lot to exchange goods.

I pulled up, he was already here. I opened my car, he loaded wheat. I carried over chicks in a box and he loaded them into his car fastening the passenger seat belt around the box.

Then he turned to me and demanded $130. cash.

No, I said, this was an exchange

No, he says, you owe me money

I didn’t agree to this, I say, I agreed to a trade

Things got ugly fast. He started unloading grain bags from my car. I tried to close the door. Finally, I succeeded. I locked the car and walked into the building leaving him in the parking lot.

He left with the chicks and 120 pounds of grain.

I left with 240 pounds of wheat and no chicks.

A friend was smoking in the parking lot, otherwise everyone was already in the office.

Later in an email the Craigslist guy told me he was going to contact the company to get me fired.


Today, I was called into HR.

What is this I hear about chicks and wheat? I wanted to laugh. The whole thing is so insane. How do I explain this? First, I apologize for doing personal business on company property, the HR guy says, Hey Craigslist, probably better to meet in a public place.


Then I give him the basic facts. The HR guy looks like he’s trying not to laugh.

It turns out that like the kid’s game of Telephone, what actually happened and what has been reported bear little similarity. It was reported that I was kicking some guys ass in the parking lot. There was fisticuffs and shoving, screaming and all manner of carrying on. Uhm, no.

There was a question as to where I got the wheat, someone reported that the man was one of our vendors and that I was selling company organic wheat to buy myself chickens.

Then I did laugh.

And HR laughed

And we shook hands

And I came back to work.

But not before I reported that the crazy man from Craigslist might call about my stealing his wheat and wanting to get me fired.


I came back in and asked my buddy, who saw the whole thing unravel what his take was. He said he was going to help but stayed back as I seemed to have the upper hand.

Also that now everyone upstairs is a little afraid of me and thinks I’m bad-ass, lol.

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