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Scott Garlock Photography

 The Hoffman brothers, Max and Gerson, who immigrated to Halifax County, NC after the Civil War and became two of the county’s wealthiest businessmen. Both men took great pride in their Scotland Neck homes and it shows in the craftsmanship and details of their construction. Max’s 1889 stick Victorian, with its commanding presence, is a sight to be held, residing on a quiet street corner in town. (2014)

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TT on Friday

I had a spectacular day yesterday.

I’ve been working on a label for an all-natural mixer, it wasn’t really a redesign, but it kept migrating from just clean this up to how about if we try this. Since I wasn’t driving the bus, I had ideas that I wasn’t trying.Everyone liked where the label was going, but I think we all felt it was incomplete

The label needed to convey - Organic, all natural, high-end bar, fun, light, fresh, clean and have grocery store shelf presence…

That’s a lot to cover.

Wednesday night I went out with a group from work and we had craft cocktails and locally brewed beer. I was thinking about the whole craft movement in drinks, and the label that wasn’t working and on the way home I had an idea.

Yesterday, I laid it out and the big guns came in and said “Whoa!” in a good way. It’s not finalized, but we have nailed down the direction. When I can post it, I will.

On my way out last night, my boss high-fived me. That’s a good day.


This is a line of dietary supplements that I designed at the end of the year. They are being introduced today at the Natural Products Expo - Expo West in Anaheim. There’s also a display box but I can’t find the image at the moment.’s Professional FaceBook Page

Hey everyone,

I’ve finally set up a professional page on Facebook for my business - Qdesigninc - I am a web and print designer. I’ve been designing for a long time and absolutely love the challenge and variety of design projects I’ve been fortunate enough to work on over the years. The link is:

Can you take a second and like the page for me? I’d *really* appreciate it.

Laura Quick

P.S. If you’re not on FB and want to see my work visit -


Someone asked me recently what I do for a living? I’m a print and web designer who dabbles in photography. The artwork above is a UI/Site Design for Sweet Home Farm Granola. I like clean, simple, design with personality. TO se more of my work, my NEW corporate site — Qdesign Inc. — went live this afternoon - for on-gong work and some in-progress stuff, I’m

If you have ever been curious about my work, please feel to take a look. And if you, or anyone you know is looking for design work —print or web — please feel free to pass along the link.

I’d appreciate it.


The Client LOVED It!

We had one of those rare meetings this afternoon, the one where the client loves the first piece shown and doesn’t even want to see the other options we’d put together for them. In truth they chose well. They chose a design that is simple, but perfectly suited to their business.

Funny, it’s not what they *thought* they wanted.

I was up all night pulling my hair fighting to create the pieces the client never saw, pieces that were derivative of what they were “certain they wanted.”:)

Twice the lead said that we far exceeded his expectations. Hitting a home run at the start, is a good way to begin a relationship.

Now the unchosen designs which are already built out, will be added to the design pool. They can applied to another client down the road if/when the look/structure is appropriate.So, not wasted time

They were sure happy campers, and that my friends, is NEVER a bad thing. It’s bank. Especially if they, like these guys, own a slew of companies, and if the lead is sold to us as “difficult.”

Also, when we got out of the meeting, they immediately texted a big thank you to our team lead thanking up for our work. Gotta love that.

Nice way to end the week. I’m drinking wine to celebrate and will likely be asleep in, 15 minutes…. zzzzzzzzz

Committee of Organ Donation in Lebanon
LOGO Design
© DDB Dubai

To design the corporate identity for an organ donation initiative. Since it was our only tool of communication, the design had to instantly convey the message of organ donation. Whatever we designed had to strike an emotional chord and subtly prompt people to open up to the idea.

Creative execution:
When you pledge an organ, you gift someone a new life. We simply brought this insight to life through our design.

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there
Advertisers Without Borders/


Advertisers Without Borders is an international network of advertising professionals. Our profession leaves little extra time but it is enough to donate public service campaigns that impact local, regional or global. This network is activated immediately to emergencies, disasters and human tragedies by giving immediate response to a speedy and effective communication. We do this directly or in conjunction with civil society organizations and international agencies. I urge you to join as an individual professional or team of your advertising agency with the objective of multiplying efforts to promote a better world for all.

©Kara Ginther

So you took the plunge and bought a swanky leather Brooks saddle for your handmade bicycle. But it’s just not fancy enough, is it? No, what you need is a custom engraving. Enter Kara Ginther.

For between $99 and $345, she’ll make sure your butt rests on one of the nicest looking bicycle seats ever made. And what the hell, why not get some matching leather mudflaps while you’re at it?

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