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I have four illustrations I need to create this weekend…One of Goji growing in Himalayan foothills, one of Green Tea in Japan, one of Vanilla in the Polynesian Jungle and one of Cacao growing in the Amazon rainforest.

The trick is that the style has to be the same and they all are backgrounds for a product so the key ingredient needs to pop and type will need to run over the illustration.

This is not a natural fit for my wheelhouse and I’m going to be relying heavily on combining bits and bobs I find at a stock house.

For me Illustration and logo design both are like doing my taxes, they require that I jump in - or i will procrastinate until the very last second. My client on these is an odd duck and very opinionated so I can’t have him in my head.

Wish me luck.’s Professional FaceBook Page

Hey everyone,

I’ve finally set up a professional page on Facebook for my business - Qdesigninc - I am a web and print designer. I’ve been designing for a long time and absolutely love the challenge and variety of design projects I’ve been fortunate enough to work on over the years. The link is:

Can you take a second and like the page for me? I’d *really* appreciate it.

Laura Quick

P.S. If you’re not on FB and want to see my work visit - Icon
© Timothy Young

Tim & I both attended Pratt Institute in NYC awhile back. Like may, we’d lost track of each other and reconnected on Facebook. He’s gone on to make a name for himself in children’s book writing and illustration. Several months ago Tim launched a Kickstarter campaign to help defray costs for traveling around and speaking to students about writing and Illustration. I donated to his campaign and one of the generous perks for that donation was a custom drawing. I’ve been looking for an icon for my chicken company and this is perfect. I love it. Thanks Tim!

PAPER SCULPTURE - Carnival by Carlos Miera


Carlos-Meira ~ Carnival 

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Meira’s artistic endeavour began when he joined the printmaking course at the School of Fine Arts at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

In early 1990, Carlos moved to Portugal where he developed his unique style of paper sculpture. He returned to Brazil in 1996 and settled in Florianopolis where he further strengthened his illustration side. He has held six solo exhibitions and illustrated several books since then.

Carlos has now devoted himself to illustration and paper sculpture having worked as an artist, designer and art director within the advertising industry. He also runs his blog where you can catch-up on his latest work.


ReCraft Your Walls: Prints by Chris Madden

Chris Madden; lover of tea, hater of mushrooms, and all-round Muppet enthusiast. He was born and raised in Salford, Manchester and after a brief stint at Stockport College, where he obtained a 1st class BA Hons degree in illustration, he have returned to the mothership to pursue his life-long dream of drawing loads of pictures. Cheack out his work and print shop here
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