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Thankful - all warm and gooey and shit like that

Seeing all the thankfulness spilling out all over the dash both here and on Facebook, sheesh have we all drunk the same Kool-aid? Actually, it’s nice for a change. When one gets caught up in the drama of life, and God knows I’ve got my fair share, it’s sometimes hard to remember to acknowledge the joy, the gratitude and to be thankful.

I am thankful, and grateful, and joyful Goddammit.

Here a short list:

  • My 83 year old Dad met me with a glass of Champagne, then took me to the local pub for lunch. Score.

  • A boy that I don’t know, well, at all really, texted me wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving — and no matter how old you get, that’s still something special. Also a few boys I do know well have chimed in as well.

  • My sister is arriving tomorrow and although we’ve been at odds, she’s AWESOME and I’m looking forward to seeing her.

  • A friend of mine reminded me of the powerful TED talk by Brenee Brown on Vulnerability. I rewatched it this morning - Today is a perfect day to watch it, seriously you won’t be sorry.

  • My friend Carol has a friend whose son Caemon is battling Leukemia. I saw the link to the Mom’s blog in passing on FB and read her post — it says a lot about love - and about the people who are in the business of lovingly caring for those the sick.

  • The neighborhood where I grew up, and where my Dad still lives, remains pretty much identical as it was when I was a child. There is a lot of change outside of the area, but here, it’s a time capsule. I love that.

  • Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. Now go out and spread the love around and let’s keep this buzz going. :)
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